Card Making Ideas

Use my card making ideas to create unique, personalised and quality cards that family and friends will love to receive.

Of all the paper crafts card making is the most useful as we all give and receive cards - for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentines, good luck……

Making your own cards has many advantages:

  • It can save you money - a large, good quality card will be expensive to buy, you can make one for much less money.
  • Personalisation - make the card with the recipient in mind - reflect their hobbies, interests and lifestyle.
  • Your card will be unique.
  • Your card will be well received - a beautiful handmade card can be a small gift in itself. I keep and treasure all the handmade cards I receive.
  • It's fun to do.

Making a card can be as simple as taking a piece of card, scoring and folding it, adding an image to the front and a greeting inside. From there you can learn to make cards using different folds and shapes, color your own backgrounds and add a variety of embellishments.  As you master some  paper crafting skills you will find you can create elaborate 3D or multi-layered cards that are small works of art.

Popular techniques used in card making are matting and layering, decoupage, pyramage, stamping and coloring, heat embossing, using punches, die-cutting, spraying and blending inks, using stencils….the list is endless. 

Making cards is a great way to try out these paper crafting techniques as you are working on a small project and if things don't go to plan you haven't lost much in material costs. Though playing with your supplies and making 'mistakes' can produce some lovely cards.

Here in the card making ideas page you will find links to instructions for making a variety of cards such as easel cardsstepper cards, kinetic cards and shaker cards. You can also find tutorials for making envelopes to match your handmade card.

       Click on one of the links below to take you to one of my projects or tutorials.

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