Gatefold Card

A gatefold card is created by making a slight variation on a basic card fold.

Here I show the fold and share a couple of ideas to use when making this card.

You can choose any sized piece of card stock to make your card.

In the first example, shown on the right, both of the flaps on the front of the card are the same size.

gatefold card

To make a card with both front flaps the same size, find the center point on the longer side of your piece of card stock. Measure this with a ruler and mark the center point with a pencil dot. 

Bring the left hand side of the card across to the center point - hold the card in place at the center and with your other hand make a fold on the left hand side. Repeat with the right hand side of your card.

If you are using a coated or thick piece of card I would recommend you score and fold your card to avoid cracking and creasing on the folds. To do this you will need to measure where to fold by marking the half way point between the center and the edge of your card stock.

gatefold card

Your folded card will now look like this and it is ready to decorate.

Choose your topper(s) and the papers you want to use. 

There are many different ways of making toppers for a gatefold card. In my first example (photo at the top of this page) I made two toppers - the top one is stuck to the right hand side of the card and the bottom one is stuck to the left hand side.

Only apply adhesive to the part of the topper that is being stuck to your card.

You can choose to have one topper - as in the card pictured below- or as many toppers as you like that will fit on your card.

You can make your toppers in any shape and if you have a die cutting machine you can easily cut out more elaborate shapes for your toppers.

The flaps on the front of this card are different sizes.

To make this card bring the left hand side of the card stock across to achieve the size you want your left hand flap to be. Crease and make the fold on the left.

Then bring the right hand side of your card stock across so the edges of the card butt up together and then crease and fold the right hand side

gatefold card

These are only a couple of ways to make a gatefold card.  As you experiment and play with this simple fold you will find there  are many variations of card you can make with it.

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