Flip Flop Card

A flip flop card is a lovely and different card to receive. As you open the card the front piece will flip and reveal its opposite side. 

This style of card is also sometimes called a swing card and its design means it will stand out in a row of regular cards. 

flip flop card

My template is for a 8" x 5 3/4"  piece of card.

You can make your own template from card and then use it to mark your folding and cutting lines - this is a good idea if you are going to make a few of these cards. Or if you have a cutting mat and ruler it is possible to use faint pencil marks to mark your scoring and cutting lines. I measure and then make pencil dots at the end of my lines.

You can start with a plain or patterned piece of card or cover your card with your chosen papers. It is best to use a medium weight card so your finished card isn't flimsy.

I stuck my papers onto my card after I had scored the folds and cut out the rectangle. You could stick your paper onto the card before you score and cut the card. However make sure the paper is stuck down really well - make sure your adhesive ( a strong glue stick would be good for this ) is applied all over the back of the paper up to the edges. Allow the glue to dry before scoring and cutting.

Using the template as a guide, score on the lines that are marked with blue dashes on the template.

Cut along the solid red line using a craft knife and cutting board.

flip flop card

Some paper trimmers can make this job even easier as you can start cutting part way across your card and you can use the measurements on the paper trimmer as a guide.

flip flop card

Fold along your score lines to create a 'Z' shape. Your card will now look like this.

Your flip flop card is now ready to decorate and embellish.

Don't forget to decorate both sides of your rectangle as one side is visible when the card is taken out of the envelope and then it flips to the other side when the card is opened.

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