Easel Cards

Easel cards are easy to make and are a fun and effective alternative to a basic folded card. 

It has a built in stand that shows off the card and it will be striking amongst a row of shop bought cards. 

The mechanism of the card also allows it to lie flat so it will fit inside a standard envelope for posting.

easel cards


I made my card by using a piece of 10" x 5" card ( 25 x 12.5 cm ) and scored and folded it in half. One of the halves I scored and folded in half again. The midway fold is folded one way and the quarter way fold is folded in the opposite direction. I cut a 5" ( 12.5cm ) square piece of card as the base to my card front.

easel cards 1
easel cards2

These are the measurements I used, but you can use any size strip of card and fold it in half and on one half fold it in half again. Make the folds in opposite directions and measure the width of your card front - then cut another piece of card with the same width and a height of your choice. Just consider the size of your envelopes and postage when choosing your size.

Apply adhesive to the half sized flap. I have used double sided tape in this example but you can use a wet craft glue for strength. Stick the top half of your card front to the flap.

easel cards3
easel cards4

Create your card top. I stamped and colored my main image and embellishments and stuck them onto a matted and layered background. This measured just a fraction under 5" square so when I applied it to the card front there was a small white border.

easel cards5

Decorate the inside of the easel card. Add a raised layer, border, greeting or embellishment as a stopper - so your card stands upright when displayed. I fix this approximately one third of the way along the base on the inside of the card. The 'stopper' either needs to be thick and raised or fixed on with 3D foam pads to work effectively.

A side view of my completed easel card.

I have used a stamped round embellishment with a button glued on it as a stopper for my card. On two of the cards in the image at the top of the page I have used my greetings as the stoppers.

easel cards6

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