Zutter Bind It All

The Zutter Bind It All is a wire binding tool which you can use to create unique journals, mini albums, scrapbooks, calendars and diaries.

It can punch holes in a variety of materials: card, chipboard, paper, acrylic, tin, fabric and canvas covers - so it is very versatile and enables you to experiment with a variety of projects.

zutter bind it all

I love using my Zutter Bind It All as I can quickly make a book by using whatever materials I have to hand. I like to use recycled materials and combine them with my paper crafting supplies to create unusual and quirky journals.

The machine is simple to use. It can seem a bit complicated at first when you look at all the different measurement guidelines in the instruction booklet - but it is easy. After you have bound a couple of books and understand how the tool works you will realise how straightforward it is.

It is a small, lightweight tool but its extension bar makes it very versatile - you can create very small to very large projects and it can do repetitive punching jobs with accuracy.

Its blades are made with tempered steel and they don't need to be sharpened or replaced.

Zutter sells a range of Owires in different widths from 3/8" to 1 1/4" in 12" lengths. It is recommended to cut the Owire to size with wire cutters but I have used an old pair of scissors. 

You can also use the Bind It All to just punch your holes and bind your project with ribbon, string or threads.

Zutter also sell their own chipboard covers, acrylic covers and pages which you can buy, but I also use my own materials.

Travel Journal Project

I stuck travel themed papers to my chipboard covers with PVA glue. Details of how to do this are on my Mini Accordion Album page.

I weighted my covers down with heavy books and left them to dry. 

I then punched the holes on the cover with the Bind it All. I cut my inside pages slightly smaller than my covers, using a mix of plain and patterned papers. I then punched the holes in my papers.

The next step is to assemble the covers and the pages in the order they will be in the finished journal.

zutter bind it all

The next stage is important to make sure your binding closures are on the inside of your book - take your book and allow the bottom cover to rotate over onto the top of the front cover (this is explained with a diagram in the instructions that come with the Bind It All).

Then I threaded the Owire through the holes in my journal and used the binding function on the Zutter Bind it All to press the wires together and bind my journal.

zutter bind it all

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