ProMarkers are an alcohol based marker pen which you can use to color stamped images to produce a smooth, blended effect and also create areas of light and shade.

They are a versatile pen, available in 148 colours, that can also be used to color ribbon, lace, satin, ric-rac, organza, glass, wood, plastic and acrylic, and clear embellishments e.g. clear adhesive stones.

I use and like ProMarkers, though their are other brands available such as Copic Markers and Spectrum Noirs which you can also use in your paper crafting. 


The pen has a twin tip - a broad chisel tip and a bullet tip. For fine, detailed work you can buy an ultra fine nib that clips easily on and off the bullet tip (sometimes the ultra fine nib is included in sets). I also use FlexMarkers made by Letraset who also produce the ProMarkers. The FlexMarker has a chisel tip and a brush tip end - the brush tip is my favorite nib.

There is also a colorless blender pen which you need for some of the blending techniques. 


Tips and Techniques

  • Use smooth card or paper, make sure it is fairly thick as the markers will bleed through to the other side on thin materials and the ink can soak into your work surface. If you are working on an absorbent surface such as wood be aware the inks will spread on the surface, so make allowances for this when coloring. 
  • If you are working on acetate or glass, work gradually, applying one layer at a time and let the ink dry between applying each layer.
  • When stamping your image use a water based ink pad. If you use an alcohol based pad it will react with the markers.
  • Use the broad chisel tip nib to color large areas. To avoid lines or streaks work quickly and use the pen in one direction, then go over the area again using the pen in a different direction e.g. at right angles to your first lines of color.
  • Use the bullet tip in small circular movements to color smaller areas.
  • To blend and build up color start with your palest markers and move through the shades to the darkest colors.
  • Colors can be layered and blended allowing you to produce effects of light and shade. Imagine where light would fall on your image and keep those areas lighter.
  • When your image is complete and the ink is dry you can add extra fine highlights with a white pen.
  • Colors can also be blended over each other to create new colors.
  • The blender pen can be applied over an area to wet it and then colored over quickly to allow even more blending of the inks. If you accidently go over a line the blender pen can also be used to 'push' the color back.
  • Make your own color swatch - color 1cm square blocks with your pens on smooth card for reference. Also keep a record by doing this of the blends of colors that you like to use. Write the names of the colors used next to the squares.
  • Digital Stamping - ProMarkers are ideal for coloring in digital stamps. Most inkjet inks are water based  and so won't smudge when coloring in. Just give the digital image a few minutes to dry after it has been printed.


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