Pet Scrapbooking

Pet scrapbooking celebrates the important part our pets play in our lives, it preserves our memories and can show the bond between pet and owner.

If you own pets you know they play an important part in your family, so let them feature in your memory albums.

Take pictures of your pets and children playing, walking, at home and on holiday. 

pet scrapbooking

Maybe you don't have children and your pets might play an even more important part in your life. You could create albums and layouts that can be displayed prominently in your home - an accordion album that can stand on a shelf or a heavily embellished layout in a 3d frame are two ways of doing this.

Mini Scrapbook Albums

Mini albums are an ideal way to create a book about one pet. 

You can buy albums to use or make your own, for example using a binding machine, making a paper bag album, tag album, flip album etc.

My album was created with the purpose of giving it to my sons who both adore Blue. She has played a big part in their lives.

This album records Blue's life from puppy days to the present time. These type of albums are tactile and are convenient to store and can be treasured for years to come. 

pet scrapbooking1

You could create a whole series of mini scrapbook albums:

  •  about one pet
  •  for each pet in your family
  •  favourite walks
  •  a holiday with your pet
  •  Christmas with your pets

Larger Albums and Layouts

It would be easy for me to create 12 x 12" albums themed around my pets, as I have owned so many. Many other people will be in the same position and may own and have owned pets from hamsters, budgies, cats, dogs, horses to the more exotic pets - lizards, snakes, parrots…

All these pets can provide opportunities to create fantastic scrapbook pages. 

You could create albums chronologically or by events such as holidays, birthdays, Christmas etc.

You could create an album of your life with all your pets - you can try and find photos of the pets from your childhood by searching through your old albums or asking family members if they have any.

pet scrapbooking

It can be therapeutic to create a scrapbook of a beloved pet who has died.

You can chronicle your pet's life from puppyhood to old age and include memorabilia such as pedigree certificates, prize certificates, pet passports, dog discs and muddy paw prints - if you are lucky enough to have them.

You can buy pet themed papers, stamps and embellishments for your pet scrapbooking or create pages and albums with the supplies you already have.

Another method to scrapbook, which is gaining in popularity, is digital scrapbooking and there are many pet themed digital kits available.

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