Paper Rosettes

Use this simple technique to make paper rosettes and use them to embellish your paper craft projects or to make a stunning wreath.

This technique is made easier if you have a scoring board. I use the Martha Stewart Scoring Board but there are other boards available such as the Scor-Pal.

If you don't have a scoring board you can still make the rosettes, it takes a bit longer and a little more work is involved - you will have to score and fold using a ruler and scoring tool.

paper rosettes


  • 12 x 12" sheets of paper or 12" strips - you can use up your paper scraps and you can glue shorter strips together to make 12" lengths.
  • Buttons or circles of card for the rosette centers.
  • Adhesive - quite strong to stick the ends of the rosettes together.
  • Scoring board and bone folder or a ruler and scoring tool.
  • Cutting mat and craft knife or scissors.

To make a wreath you will also need a piece of cardboard approximately 12" square and a glue gun.You could try using other glues to construct a wreath but I find a glue gun the easiest to use.


There are two ways to score and fold your paper - you can cut it into strips first and score and fold it, or use a bigger piece of paper and score and fold it first, then cut it into strips. The second way is faster if you want to make a lot of rosettes.

paper rosettes
paper rosettes
paper rosettes

I use strips of paper that are 12" long and I vary the widths from 1/2" to 1 1/4" to make different sizes of paper rosettes.

Put the strip ( or larger piece of paper) on your scoring board and starting at the 1/2" mark score along the strip at every 1/2".

Turn the paper over and score again at every 1/2" but this time start at the 1/4" mark.

If you aren't using a scoring board use a ruler to mark where to score and a scoring tool to score the lines ( instructions here).

Take your strips and fold along the score lines concertina style - a mountain fold and then a valley fold.  

Do this along the full strip. I rub along the completely folded paper with my bone folder to reinforce the creases.

Next apply glue or double-sided tape to one end of the strip and bring the other end round, line up the ends and stick them together.

paper rosettes

Glue your button or circle of card in the centre of the rosette. I use a strong glue. Apply it to the button or card and hold it down in the centre of the rosette for a couple of minutes so it all holds together.

Your rosette is now ready to use.

To make a wreath

Take your cardboard - this can be recycled packaging. Decide on the size you would like your wreath to be and draw two circles, based on that size, one inside the other. I used different sized plates as templates to draw round.

Cut out the cardboard ring.

paper rosettes

You can arrange your rosettes first onto the ring and then place them outside the ring in the correct order ready to glue down - or just take a rosette glue it down and make your arrangement as you go along.

Using a glue gun is probably the fastest and easiest method of sticking the rosettes down, but you could try using other glues.

Put a blob of glue onto the ring and stick a rosette down. Keep going all round the ring - covering the card. Layer the edges of the rosettes over each other and you can glue smaller rosettes on top of larger ones for more dimension.

paper rosettes

I made a hanger for my paper rosette wreath by gluing a tab from a soda can onto the back of the card circle.

paper rosettes

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